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  • PRIME-ME is a full technical service company located in Dubai, that provides technical services (04/08/2011)... more >>
  • PRIME-ME is a full technical service company located in Dubai, that provides technical services (04/08/2011)... more >>

Our Services

Second to none! All of Prime ME General Maintenances services are some times compiled into annual maintenance contracts, giving attention to our customers needs, our engineers will always ensure you presidential service. Below are our services and offers you the finest in home maintenance service.

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Other Services

which can be provided at customers request:

  • Repairs and/or replacement of electronic items or Home Appliances
  • Power, water, drainage and telephone services (being the responsibility of the relevant local authority)
  • Internal water leakage, e.g. under the bathtub, WC, inside the wall, ceiling, under the interlock & garden areas.
  • Major job related to MEP or Civil works
  • Garden irrigation system (sprinklers)
  • Gardening and horticultural work
  • Emptying of septic tanks and janitorial cleaning
  • Changing of any insulation material to ductwork chilled water pipe lines
  • Changing of any corroded chilled water, domestic water or drainage lines
  • Any painting and decoration jobs
  • Any carpet cleaning and carpet shampooing jobs
  • Replacement of any broken windows, window glasses, doors, door glasses
  • Complete filter system installations (Swimming pool)
  • Filter repairs plus installations (Swimming pool)
  • Pump repairs plus installations (Swimming pool)
  • Piping (Swimming pool)
  • Re plumbing (Swimming pool)
  • Chlorinator installations (Swimming pool)

These services can be rendered and will be charged separately by PGM after being requested by the customer and the costs being approved by the customer, either by a quote or will be charged like Dhs 25.00 (twenty five UAE Dirham) per man-hour inclusive of tools, supervision and transport to and from the site.

Call-out for work other than that covered by the contract will be invoiced at AED:150.00 minimum per day. The cost of materials used will be shown separately, together with the location, authority and details of the work carried out. If there is a requirement to get permissions from specific authorities to carry out work on customers premises customer should assist PGM to obtain the necessary approvals.

For more information please contact us or submit an enquiry.

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