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  • PRIME-ME is a full technical service company located in Dubai, that provides technical services (04/08/2011)... more >>
  • PRIME-ME is a full technical service company located in Dubai, that provides technical services (04/08/2011)... more >>

Product Services

From a standalone PC to a Local or Wide-Area-Network, Prime Computer Services can provide almost any PC-based product in the market, at very competitive prices. More importantly we can configure, install and maintain the products we sell. We have our own brand of system " Prime 2001 ". We also undertake Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Hardware, Software, LAN & WANs.

Support Microsoft Windows 2000 / 2003 Networks, Novell Networks, Microsoft Office applications by qualified MCPs, CNE or MCSE engineers. AutoCAD Web Designing (HTML, Front Page, PhotoShop 5.5, Gif Animator, WS FTP Pro, & CGI Scripting.) by Developers. We could implement and support following as well:

  • Repair, Upgrade & Assembling Services for all kind Desktop computer brands & models
  • Repair & Upgrade Services for all kind Laptop / Notebook computers & brands
  • Service all Microsoft Windows-based software
  • Install CD Burners, CD-ROMs, DVD Players, Web Cams, Hard Disks, Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras
  • Upgrade and configure All other hardware components
  • Install & Upgrade Microsoft Operating Systems & all others
  • Computer virus removal services
  • Annual system maintenance check-up services

We can help you with finding the right computer hardware for your home or office.

PRIME, Custom Computer Systems built to your specifications, for the home or office - you get the computer you need, built the way you want it.

Most mass-produced computer systems claim to be upgradeable but many times you are stuck with a proprietary motherboard design that won't allow you, or make it difficult and costly to upgrade your computer system when the need arises.

With a custom built computer from Venture Computing, you get full disclosure of all major components RAM CPU HARD DRIVE CASE MOTHERBOARD VIDEO SOUND MEMORY

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